3 Quick Tips For A Christmas Backyard Makeover

With Christmas just around the corner, we bet you’re starting to run out of free weekends to get things done. We know time is crucial at this time of year so we’ve put together a quick list of things you can do to give your backyard a freshen up in time for the holidays.

Mow, Trim and Edge the Lawns

Now’s the time to start getting the backyard cricket pitch ready for that annual summer BYC tournament. At this time of year, days get away from us. Often times, it’s difficult to tackle your lawns every week, but don’t leave it longer than mowing every second week, as it’ll take you twice as long to mow through the growth.

We have to say, the Powerworks 40V battery-operated lawnmowers, and the Powerworks 40V battery-operated Trimmer/Brushcutter are ideal to tackle these jobs! Not only because they save you money on fuel costs (Powerworks are all 40V battery-operated), but also because they’re super quick and easy to start – just the push of a button and you’re good to go. If you’re after a few handy tips to get your lawn looking like a pro, check out our latest blog.

Do a Garden Tidy-Up

We know weeding isn’t for everyone, but with Christmas around the corner it’s a great opportunity to spray those weeds so your garden looks its best in time for the family to show up. One of the sprayers we recommend is the Solo NZ 414Li 10L sprayer – not too small, not too big, backpack and battery-powered – it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Alongside weeding, de-head your roses, pull the weeds out of the veggie garden, give your outdoor furniture a wipe down or re-stain, and tidy up anything else that seems out of place or doesn’t belong in your backyard.

Trim Trees and Hedges

A perfectly manicured hedge can be the envy of many. Even if you don’t have a flourishing hedge growing around your yard, there’s something extremely satisfying about seeing the clean lines of a well-trimmed hedge. As the weather heats up, it means your hedges and trees are starting to thrive, and perhaps get a little unruly.

Give them a quick trim up just before Christmas. For better looking (and healthier) trees and hedge, we do recommend giving them attention throughout the year, but a quick tidy up before Christmas will still give them a good makeover. Hedge trimming is a science almost anyone can master with three simple tricks:

  1. Get the right equipment to do the job well.

    When it comes to hedge trimming, there’s an abundance of tools to choose from, and work with. To choose the correct one, consider the quality, not just the price. This not only ensures longevity of your equipment, but also makes for a better finish. Our suggestion? Grab the Powerworks Hedgetrimmer – the best battery-operated tool for the job we reckon.

  2. Pick the right place to start.

    One key tip, no matter which variety of plant or style of hedge you’re going for, is to always trim from the ground up, and make the base of the hedge wider than the top so sun can penetrate the leaves at the bottom. But before you begin shaping, make sure you get rid of the larger branches sticking out.

    Chest-High Hedge – Trim your chest high hedges on the sides first. Cut the sides vertically, starting at the back and move forward. Then, move on to the top of the hedge. Trim by holding the hedge trimmer horizontally, at a slight degree angle.

    Tall Hedges – With tall hedges, target the top first. Hold the hedge trimmer horizontally at a slight degree angle, and then move to the sides. Cut the sides vertically, starting at the back and move forward.

  3. Prepare for clean-up before you begin.

    Put a tarpaulin or groundsheet down so you can collect the debris and dump it in your compost or garden waste bags easier! And get the leaf blower ready to blast through the hedge to remove any loose or stuck leaves or branches.

Let Powerworks Make Your Life Easier

December is a chaotic time of the year, and you’ve likely got more things on your to-do list than you have at any other time of the year. Get in touch – our outdoor equipment experts can help you find the right tools for your lawn mowing, tree trimming, hedge trimming, and garden tidy-up jobs.

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