9 helpful tips to prolong your battery life with Powerworks

Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere these days. They’re used in everything from garden tools to laptops, making them one of the most common sources of battery power out there. But there’s still some confusion around how to care for them when they’re not in use. Check out a few of our tips to ensure you get the most out of your battery life.


Give your battery the opportunity to cool down after use, before charging.
After your battery has worked its magic and helped you tackle those two-week long summer lawns, it’s going to feel a little hot. Give it time to cool down before you chuck it on the charger.

Minimise time spent at 100% charging.
The first charge of your Powerworks battery should be overnight, but after this, the more time the battery remains at 100% charged, the faster the capacity loss occurs. Figure out how long it takes to fully charge your battery from empty – with Powerworks, a full charge is 75 minutes. Once your battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger to use again.

Charge your batteries when you drop from two bars to one.
Charge your batteries before they completely run down to nothing. Even though you may still have 15%–25% remaining when you hit one bar, you’ll significantly extend the lifespan of it by swapping it out sooner. Also, once your battery tells you it’s low battery and wants to be charged, listen to it. Do your best to avoid push the battery over the edge to prolong battery life.


Keep your batteries at room temperature.
Ideally, your battery should be stored between 20 and 25 degrees – which may mean keeping it inside your home. Heat is by far the largest factor when it comes to reducing lithium-ion battery life. You also want to make sure your batteries are stored in a dry environment to avoid moisture damage.

Minimise time spent at 0% charge.
Avoid storing your battery at 0%. If you’re done with your battery for the day, fully charge it (with Powerworks, a full charge is 75 minutes). If winter brings nasty weather and you aren’t using your Powerworks tools much over this time, check the battery every few months to ensure it doesn’t discharge fully.

Avoid storing your battery inside your Powerworks tools.
When you’ve finished your battery-powered tasks, remove the battery, let it cool and then place it on charge. When it has charged, remove it from the charger and store it separately to your tools.


In Use

Take a break
If you’re aggressively hacking at some hefty grass, or you’re pushing your Powerworks chainsaw to full capacity on a stubborn tree branch, give it a bit of cool down time before you jump back into work to avoid overheating the battery, as overheating reduces battery life.

Avoid mechanical damage.
Treat your batteries nicely. If you’re travelling with your tools, secured them in the toolbox. Don’t let them run around loose in the back of the ute. If you’re working at home, avoid dropping them. Basically, treat them like kids.

Avoid Water
Sometimes you have to work in the rain. Just keep your spare batteries out of it. Keep them in your toolbox or under protective cover. Water won’t help you when it comes to prolonging your battery life.


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