Why Pole Hedge Trimmers Are A Great Addition To The Toolkit

Autumn is an ideal time to cut back that overgrowth and make room for new growth, and having the right tools (like the Powerworks Pole Hedge Trimmer) for the job will keep your hedges looking their best.

Large hedges, or any hedge for that matter, can look fantastic if they are kept looking neat and tidy but can look like some tatty, overgrown beast that is waiting to devour passers-by if left to grow out of control.

We’re all about saving time and making life easier. The Powerworks hedge trimmer is suited for exactly that – it’s been designed to help you reach high hedges without a ladder and low groundcover from a distance. Simply angle the cutting bar and you’re good to go.

What is a pole hedge trimmer?

Basically, these tools work in much the same way as a standard hedge trimmer, but the cutting tool is connected to a long, sometimes telescopic, pole, so you don’t need to climb up on a ladder or scaffold to reach the top of your hedges.

Why use a long reach hedge trimmer?

With a pole hedge trimmer, you’re on the ground, which is a lot safer than being balanced on a ladder and trimming your bushes at the same time. It also makes it easier for you to move along the hedge as you don’t have to stop and move the ladder along to the next spot.

 The Powerworks Pole Hedge Trimmer

With 510mm dual-action steel blades for optimal performance and durability, the Powerworks 40V battery-powered pole hedge trimmer will tackle a difficult garden hedge with ease.

You’ll also appreciate never having to mix petrol and 2-stroke oil again. Its 125-degree pivoting head allows for superior comfort and flexibility, and the 60cm shaft extension will give you a total length of 2.2m, so you can leave the ladder in the shed.

Not only is this baby compatible with all Powerworks batteries, it features easy and immediate push button start, and the brushless motor is also designed for superior efficiency and tool life. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 3.8kg without the battery.


There are a range of hedge trimmers on the market, so before purchasing, make sure you’ve talked to the experts and let us help you choose the right product for your needs. Get in touch with the Solo NZ team on 07 847 3562 or orders@solonz.co.nz, or head to our Solo NZ website for the full range.

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