Blower or blower/vac – which one is right for you?

It’s leaf blower season! But have ever considered what else they can do? Blowers and blower/vacs are designed for more than just leaves – they’re a great way to tidy up grass clippings, debris, and dust from your outdoor area too. There are a few options depending on what you’re looking for, so have a read to see if a blower or a blower + vacuum combination is better for you.

What do they do?

Leaf blowers produce a strong jet of air that blows away dust, dirt and fallen leaves. Blower/vacs do this too. Blower/vacs are a blower and vacuum combination in one machine, and when set to the vacuum function they can also suck up the debris, mulch it (to some extent), and then deposit it in a collection bag attached to the machine.

Blower or Blower/Vac

Leaf blowers are simpler and lighter because they only have one function, while blower/vacs have the added versatility of vacuuming. But regardless of which Powerworks blower/vac or  axial blower you choose, they’ll both make short work of cleaning up small-to-medium sized sections. They’re also both lightweight, and free you from the hassle of a 2-stroke engine or extension cord.

Your choice really depends on whether you’re happy bagging the leaves up yourself, or have the machine do it for you. Regardless of your choice, Powerworks 40v battery-powered garden tools give you the ability to get the job done faster, so you can do more of what you love. With better batteries, more power, and reliable results, you get a stronger voltage and longer running times so you won’t be stopping and starting your way through your work.


The Powerworks Options


Blower Vac

Lightweight and easy to start, the Powerworks 40V cordless blower/vac gives you the flexibility to do more. Its digital-controlled brushless motor gives more torque, quiet operation, and a longer life. With a push button start, no cords, no petrol, and no hassle, this blower/vac is a great option to get the job done right. With a simple switch between vacuum and blow modes, an easy-to-clean collection bag, and variable speed dial with turbo button and cruise control delivering on-demand power for up to 300km/h wind speed, clearing your driveway, yard, and deck is effortless. Up to 9.63m3/min of air flow makes blowing through dry or wet leaves and debris a breeze.


Axial Blower

The Powerworks 40V battery-powered axial blower makes light work of a big job. The more popular choice amongst customers, this powerful blower is made with yardwork in mind. The multifunction handle allows for one-handed motor control, be it left or right, and the ergonomic design means optimised balance. Not only is it a more powerful blower compared to the blower/vac (with the capacity to clear up to 12.2m3/min vs the blower/vac at 9.63m3/min) the axial blower is also easier to store and has less attachments to work with. In essence, the axial blower gives a powerful clearing performance wherever you need it!

Flick on the cruise control and ensure precise, steady speed. All of this combined with the fact you’ll never have to mix petrol and 2-stroke oil again means this blower has maximum convenience.


Come on in and give them a try, we’ve got everything you need to make your life easier. We’ve been focused on battery power since the beginning, so you can trust Powerworks cordless tools are built with cutting-edge technology (pun intended), giving you greater economy and reliability. Get in touch with the battery-powered experts for more information about how battery-power will revolutionise your life! Give the Solo NZ team on 07 847 3562 or

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