About Powerworks NZ


Established in 2016, Powerworks is a new and rapidly growing brand for cordless garden tools. Having focused on battery gardening solutions since the very start, we know reliable performance when we see it. Our expertise with the most sophisticated and energy efficient technology sees us leading the field and championing a sustainable future.

The Powerworks cordless garden tool range is designed to give infinite adaptability and satisfy the most demanding backyard needs. We’re turning the market on its head with versatile battery power to tackle all challenges in and around your garden. No cords, no fumes, no hassle – just the power to do more.

our range of 40v products


Powerworks cordless garden tools are made for those of us who know we can do more – for ourselves, our families, and our environment. We know there’s more to life than pull cords, petrol pumps, and mixing toxic liquids. We know we deserve reliable tech and more damn power. 


Knowing we have to the power to do what needs to be done gives us that push. We’ll tackle any obstacle on the road to an impressive and sustainable backyard. There’s nothing stopping us from creating a better future, from every angle.


We’ve got a lot to do, and the versatility of the Powerworks cordless garden tools range means we’ll get it done, no sweat. When it’s as easy as sliding in a battery and pushing a button, immaculate lawns, hedges, trees, and paths are within reach. Powerworks tools and batteries give us the versatility to get the job done.

Bringing Powerworks to nz

Trusted outdoor equipment and cordless garden tools supplier, Solo NZ is proud to bring Powerworks to New Zealand. As distributors of the world’s best-selling sprayers and other internationally-respected global domestic and commercial outdoor equipment brands, Solo NZ has a reputation of knowing quality and reliability when it sees it.


Powerworks NZ is distributed by SoloNZ